Reflexion Glass
In the madness of my thoughts
there is a little tiny  balance
between the black and the white
there is a lot of grey in the
passing hours.

There are simple questions with
complicated answers
interpretations and variations
of one single thought.

There may be a lot of noise in a
silent moment
which breaks the rule of black and white.

It's just for me to understand
extremes in theory exist a lot
when colours mix, the painting breaths
the air of the real life
Have I forgotten?

There are explanations,
there are interpretations
the permanent fight between two different thoughts
the belief of liberation
the hope to reach the true acceleration
one single act repeating itself, again and again.

And then the doubt, the fear of the dark
the thought that scares me at night
and how many times I ask myself
Have I forgotten?

Between the black and the white
there are a lot of other colours
and some are dark and other bright
There is a lot of grey in the passing hours.
Guergana Sabkova
Copyright  © 2019